» Touchfree Sensor Automatic Water Faucets (Wall Mounted)

These Innovative Sensor Water Faucets senses your hand once placed near the sensor, which will Automatically Dispense water. Water Stops Dispensing once your hand is removed.

These wall mounted Sensor Automatic Water Faucets can be applied in Hospitals, Clinics, Hotel Kitchen, Factories or your Home Kitchen.

VT4201D: Touchfree Sensor Automatic Water Faucets (Wall Mounted) VT4251D: Touchfree Sensor Automatic Water Faucets (Wall Mounted)
VT4201D VT4251D
VT4202D: Touchfree Sensor Automatic Water Faucets (Wall Mounted) VT4252D: Touchfree Sensor Automatic Water Faucets (Wall Mounted)
VT4202D VT4252D

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Water savings by 63% ( * Proven ) per basin/sink

Touchfree therefore Hygienic

Prevents Cross Contamination

Prevents spreading of germs and bacteria

Touchfree therefore no damage to the product

Minimal maintenance required therefore lower maintenance cost

Simple installation

Product Features

All models are Battery Operated and has a compact design

Simply stand at the basin/sink and water would dispense continuously(would stop dispensing after 1 minute to save water and power). To stop the water instantaneously, just move away from the basin/sink. This is useful when continuous washing is required

Technical Specification

High quality Chrome Body, Inner-Brass, Solenoid Valve-Nickel

Uses high grade Infrared Sensor

Equipped with Microprocessor control unit

Low power consumption (Uses 4pcs AA size Alkaline batteries and/or AC based on model)

Utilises Anti-impurity Solenoid Valve technology

Power: DC 6V , AC 110V-220V

Power Consumption: Static = <=0.5mW(DC), 4AA Alkaline batt. last 1year/300 cycles per day

Detection zone: 30cm Preset (distance will be self adjusted according to it's environment)

Water Pressure: 0.1 - 0.6 MPA (best water pressure 0.1 - 0.3 MPA)

Ambient Temperature: 0.1 - 45C

Diametre of Inlet Pipe: G1/2" (DN15)

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